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Unbox Your Packing Potential: 10 Best Packing Tapes for Effortless Moves

July 27th, 2023      By Jeff Brandt

Moving and shipping can be a stressful experience – and having reliable and secure packaging is crucial for transportation and storage. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which high-quality packing tape is right?

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 best packing tapes to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. From strong and reliable to colorful and transparent, we’ve got the perfect shipping tape for you.

So, let’s get started!

How Does Choosing the Right Packing Tape Ensure Reliable and Transparent Packaging?

Utilizing packing tape that has a robust adhesive and can withstand both shear force and tearing is crucial for securing a packaged item. Selecting the most suitable tape is key in guaranteeing that it sticks effectively to any packaging materials, including cardboard, plastic, or metal containers. Opting for packing tape with the appropriate properties assures that your items are safely sealed inside their shipping containers.

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Unveiling Our Expertly Chosen Top 10 Packing Tape Selections

1. 2″ x 110 yds. 1.6 Mil Utility Grade Carton Sealing Tape (36/Case)

Stay secure and in control with our powerful hot melt adhesive polypropylene tapes! This tape offers superior strength and unmatched reliability – ensuring secure seals and long-lasting adhesion.

Our utility-grade carton sealing tape adheres incredibly well to films and over-stuffed cartons in temperatures ranging from 50-248°F. It features a quiet release, easy unwinding, and extra elongation for irregular shapes.

Plus, it instantly bonds when exposed to heat – the ideal solution for your sealing needs! Compared to PKG BIZ, which charges $109.62 per unit, ours only costs $67.96 per unit (per case of 36).

2. 3″ x 60 yds. 2.5 Mil Heavy Duty Carton Sealing Tape (24/Case)

Our super strong polypropylene pressure-sensitive tape is perfect for volume and general packaging needs. Like gorilla packing tape, it is the best tape for people looking to seal irregular shapes, as it has a quiet release and extra elongation characteristics and provides excellent performance on over-stuffed cartons.

With a wide application temperature range of 45-110°F and service temperatures between 10- 120° F, you can be sure your packages will remain securely sealed in all climates – making it the best choice for homeowners, small businesses, or individuals moving houses.

Packing Hero sells this tape for $110.17 ( per roll per case of 24). We offer the same tape for $102.72 (per roll per case of 24) or $96.48 (per roll per case for 20 cases), making us the more affordable option.

3. 2″ x 60 yds. (48mm x 55m) 6 Mil Silver Cloth Duct Tape (24/Case)

This industrial-strength, multi-purpose tape has a two-inch width and a length of sixty yards, giving it ample coverage for multiple surfaces. The silver, cloth-backed construction allows superior adhesion to uneven surfaces while resisting slippage, making it one of the strongest packing tapes, optimal for everyday repair and maintenance projects.

This heavy-duty tape is waterproof and all-weather resistant, capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -18°C to 65°C with a six mil total thickness that is durable enough to meet the needs of any job.
You can purchase this packing tape at Walmart for $185.34 per roll (per case of 24) or buy from us for $641.70 per roll (per case of ten) or $154.70 (for ten cases of 24 rolls)

4. 3″ x 60 yds. (72mm x 55m) 9 Mil Black Cloth Duct Tape (16/Case)

The 3″ x 60yds. (72mm x 55m) 9 Mil Black Cloth Duct Tape is an ideal solution for businesses and homeowners requiring extra packaging strength and durability.

This heavy-duty tape offers a reinforced fiberglass strand that provides superior adhesion and resists tearing when covering rough surfaces. Additionally, its super strong adhesive backing bonds to virtually any material while being flexible in extreme temperatures.

Black cloth duct tape is ideal for safely wrapping heavy items, repairing and laminating metal surfaces, insulating electrical wires, sealing pallets, bundling pipes, and more. Waterproof backing and flexibility make it suitable for outdoor environments with extreme weather conditions.

This tape is one of the better choices for businesses and homeowners who need the most reliable and secure packaging solutions for any project, including long-term storage. Compared to Phoenix Packaging Inc ($242.12 per roll), our tape is almost $20 cheaper at $225.17.

5. 76mm (3″) x 450` Kraft Reinforced Tape (10/Case)

Equipped with an adhesive coating and a paper moisturizer, this tape, reinforced with fiberglass, performs well in high-speed operations, overfilling, and underfilling. It deals with bundling, carton sealing, and other heavy-duty packaging applications, as it resists nicks, slits, and punctures and ensures secure and reliable closure.

It offers a high adhesion rate as a good quality packing tape, easily sticking to irregular surfaces, corrugated cardboard, plastic, metal, and wood surfaces. Furthermore, this sealing tape is strong enough to handle medium-weight carton closure (50-55 lbs), making it an excellent choice for packaging and shipping.

Currently, The Box Guy sells Kraft Reinforced Tape for $209.68 per roll (per case of ten), whereas Brandt Box’s is only $170.07.

6. 72mm (2.86″) x 450` White Reinforced Tape (10/Case)

Renowned for its performance in strenuous applications, such as high-speed sealing and over or under-filling, this fiberglass reinforced tape features a consistent coating of adhesive and laminate, with a paper moisturizer offering superior flexibility, curl reduction, increased stretchability, and larger cores for maximum utilization.

White reinforced tape works on all water-activated machines and is ideal for top/bottom seals of up to 25-30 lbs carton weight per strip. The versatile surface can be easily written on to identify and label packed items.

Whether you’re a home do-it-yourself enthusiast or working in the industry, this tape is an economical and easy solution for your reinforcement needs. Phoenix Packaging Inc. sells this tape for $164.64 per roll (per case of ten), whereas ours only costs $153.12.

7. 1/2″ x 60 yds. 2.7 mil Black 94 lbs. Strapping Tape (144/Case)

Unitize and palletize packages with utility-grade MOPP tape. This poly strapping tape stretches up to 40% providing sufficient bundling power for secure transportation that works well against slippage during shipping.

Its tough polypropylene construction makes it more durable and resistant to extreme weather than standard strapping tapes. Ideal for commercial and shipping applications, this tape provides a secure closure of containers and packages and reliable durability.

Thanks to the aggressive adhesive, this sensitized polypropylene strapping tape also binds strongly to a wide range of materials, ensuring they don’t come apart or unravel during shipment. The tape also has excellent UV and moisture resistance, allowing it to be used outdoors in virtually any weather.

Buy this heavy-duty packing tape from us at $224.75 per roll (per case of 144) or risk paying up to $326.25 from competitors such as Boxes4U.

8. 3″ x 60 yds. 2.5 Mil Premium Carton Sealing Tape (24/Case)

If you’re looking for a reliable, long-term storage option, look no further than acrylic tape. Its superior transparency and adhesive grip ensure that your items will stay secure and safely in place for as long as you need.

This industrial-grade tape boasts a strong adhesive backing that can withstand extreme temperatures, making it great for long-distance shipping. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about meeting postal service or UPS requirements, as the acrylic tape has already been certified for shipment in the U.S. – providing you with extra peace of mind.

While Packaging Hero sells the tape for $99.16 per roll (per case of 24), it is still cheaper at $92.44 per roll (per case of 24), especially if you’re buying multiple cases!

9. 3/4″ x 60 yds. 4.6 Mil Blue 160lbs Strapping Tape (48/case)

This multi-use product has a tensilized polypropylene film backing and a self-adhesive layer, ensuring everything stays tightly bound. With its remarkable 40% stretch, you won’t fight with wrapping pallets any longer!

The tape is 3/4″ wide and has a length of 60 yards, making it perfect for long, uninterrupted applications. It is 4.6 mils thick, providing excellent durability and strong adhesion, allowing it to stick and hold securely on most surfaces.

Its blue color provides a strong visual contrast and a warning alert, allowing operators to see fragile items from afar. Boxes4U currently sells Scotch® Polypropylene Strapping Tape for $524.45 per roll (for cases with over 40 rolls), whereas ours comes to $318.78 per roll (per case of 48), making it a more cost-effective option.

10. 6″ x 72 yds. 1.6 Mil Label Protection Tape (12/Case)

Label Protection Tape, or lamination tape, is an ideal solution for protecting labels, markings, and signs from abrasion. This 6″ x 72 yds. 1.6 Mil Label Protection Tape provides durable and reliable surface protection that can withstand temperatures up to 250°F (121°C).

It is made from a specially formulated acrylic adhesive to ensure it bonds securely to various substrates. A crystal-clear design ensures that your labels stay highly visible while adding an extra layer of protection, making it one of the best tapes for boxes.

The clear packing tape is also highly resistant to moisture, water, and UV exposure. It has excellent resistance to wear and tear and will not yellow or crack. Label Protection tape offers quick and easy application for a reliable, long-lasting bond.

Purchase this tape from The Box Guy for $75.66 per roll (per case of 12), or buy from us for cheaper at $61.36 per roll.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Packing Tape

Choosing the best packing tape is crucial in successfully packaging moving boxes to ensure your items remain secure during transportation. Other factors, such as adhesive strength, material, thickness, and cost, should also be considered.

See our table below for guidance:

Adhesive StrengthLook for packing tape with strong adhesive to ensure it sticks securely to boxes and holds them together during transit.
DurabilityChoose a tape that is resistant to tearing, splitting, or breaking, as it will provide better protection for your packed items.
TransparencyTransparent tape allows you to easily identify the contents of your boxes without the need to open them, saving time and effort.
Width and LengthConsider the width and length of the tape based on the size of your boxes and the amount of packing you need to do.
Ease of UseOpt for packing tape that is easy to handle and dispense, as it will make the packing process more efficient and less time-consuming.
Weather ResistanceIf you are moving in extreme weather conditions, choose a tape that is resistant to moisture, humidity, or temperature changes for added protection.
CostCompare the prices of different packing tapes, keeping in mind the quality and features they offer, to find the most cost-effective option.
Eco-FriendlinessConsider environmentally friendly options, such as recyclable or biodegradable packing tapes, to reduce waste and minimize your ecological impact.
Customer ReviewsRead reviews from other homeowners to get insights into the performance and reliability of different packing tape brands and products.
Brand ReputationConsider reputable brands known for their quality and customer satisfaction when selecting packing tape for your relocation.

By selecting the right tape based on the factors mentioned, such as the tape’s adhesiveness, thickness, and durability, and its ability to secure items safely, you can save money and time. For example, masking tape won’t work well for bundling polypropylene tapes. And, of course, don’t forget about packaging protection and tape dispensers.

Ensure a Smooth Move: Shop for the Best Packaging Tapes from Brandt Box Now!

Our top 10 packing tapes mentioned in the article are a cost-effective and reliable solution for secure packaging. Packing tapes vary in performance, quality, and adhesive strength, providing a range of options for different packaging applications.

For the best packaging tape, contact Brandt Box, a leading provider of boxes, cardboard boxes, and packaging tape. Contact us online or call us at 847-541-7000 for reliable and transparent packaging.


What is the best way to ensure the packing tape adheres well to different surfaces?

Always make sure surfaces are clean and dry. Use a cloth or brush to remove dust, dirt, oil, and moisture. This prevents air bubbles and wrinkles from forming, and the tape won’t peel or fall off due to uneven contact between the tape and the surface. High-quality packing tape is also recommended for maximum adhesion.

How long does the adhesive on packing tape typically last?

Generally, top-quality packing tapes made from a high-tensile strength synthetic rubber or resin will have a longer adhesive lifespan than standard tapes – one to five years. However, the adhesive will only last briefly if exposed to extreme temperatures, such as hot or cold, or high humidity.

How do I safely remove packing tape from surfaces without leaving residue or damaging the item?

Look for low-tack, residue-free adhesive tape to ensure easy removal. Pull slowly and gently to minimize potential damage. If it’s still difficult to remove, apply some heat. Use a hairdryer, keeping the item at a distance and the temperature low, or use a heat gun, taking care not to heat it for too long.

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