Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Corrugated Plastic Boxes at Wholesale Prices

Discover the exceptional qualities of Brandt Box’s corrugated plastic boxes. Raising the bar in efficiency and durability, these boxes outperform cardboard in resilience and water resistance. With a wide selection of options like File Boxes with Detached Lids and L-Lock tops, they suit diverse shipping and storage needs. These are reusable packaging solutions that guarantee product protection. They’re versatile and customizable in various colors, so you’re sure to find something you love.
Options available for corrugated plastic boxes:

  • Print: Personalize with your logo or product details.
  • Label holders: Easily identify box contents with clear labeling.
  • Stickers/Decals: Utilize stickers for branding and labeling.
  • Hand Holes inserts: Cost-effective add-on for enhanced functionality.
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