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Corrugated Plastic Packaging & Storing Products
Brandt Box

Corrugated Plastic Packaging & Storing Products

Discover Brandt Box's latest range of corrugated plastic products including boxes, totes, trays, and bins. Exceptionally durable and versatile, these products are cost-effective solutions that ensure long-term savings.

Benefits Of Corrugated Plastic

Ideal for e-commerce, logistics, and manufacturing businesses, corrugated plastic provides immense benefits:

Lasts 5-10 times longer than cardboard
Weather Resistant
Protects against moisture and environmental elements
Cost-effective due to long lifespan
Tailored to specific requirements
Reduces shipping costs
Sustainable alternative to cardboard
Easy cleaning for varied applications
Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Brandt Box’s corrugated plastic boxes are the epitome of efficiency and durability (much more durable and water-resistant than cardboard boxes). Ideal for warehouses and many other businesses, these reusable packaging solutions excel in shipping and storage applications. With options like File Boxes with Detached Lids and L-Lock tops, these boxes, available in various colors, are versatile and customizable. Secure your products with our superior corrugated plastic containers.

Options available for Boxes:

  • Print: Add your logo or product info
  • Label holders: Clearly mark box contents.
  • Stickers/decals: Use stickers to label and brand.
  • Hand Holes inserts: Low-cost addition – maximum functionality
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Corrugated Plastic Nestable Totes

Corrugated Plastic Nestable Totes

Nestable totes are a great solution for conveyors, mail rooms, and large inventory items. They are also good for agriculture and food processing, especially the harvest totes with Fumigation Holes. Welded and reinforced, these reusable containers are more durable than cardboard and naturally nest together when empty to save space.

All of our nestable totes are sonic welded and have a wire-reinforced rim. Custom sizes are available and come in different colors: natural, black, white, gray, blue, yellow, green, and red.

Options available for nestable totes:

  • Print
  • Label holders
  • Stickers/decals
  • Galvanized Wire
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Corrugated Plastic Straight-Wall Totes

Corrugated Plastic Straight-Wall Totes

Our straight-wall totes are perfect for picking, sorting, and transporting goods. Welded and reinforced, these reusable containers hold their shape when empty and stacked. They’re more durable and water-resistant than cardboard.

All of our straight-wall totes are sonic welded and have a wire-reinforced rim. Custom sizes, including hopper totes or those with stacking wire handle options, are available. Try different colors: natural, black, white, gray, blue, yellow, green, and red

Options available for straight-wall totes:

  • Print
  • Label holders
  • Stickers/decals
  • Galvanized Wire
  • Corner stacker
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Corrugated Plastic Trays

Corrugated Plastic Trays

Our corrugated plastic trays are ideal for transporting, sorting, and drying goods. These knockdown, welded, and nestable trays are versatile and adaptable to various industries. Without the wire-reinforced rim, they still maintain structural integrity and are available in custom sizes, including hopper trays. With a range of color options, these trays are an indispensable tool for streamlined operations.

Trays do not have a wire-reinforced rim. Custom sizes, including hopper trays, are available to be quoted. Check out different colors: natural, black, white, gray, blue, yellow, green, and red

Options available for trays:

  • Print
  • Label holders
  • Stickers/decals
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Other Corrugated Plastic Products From Brandt Box

Corrugated Plastic Bins

Corrugated Plastic Bins

Transform your waste management with Brandt Box’s corrugated plastic recycling bins. A durable, straight-wall design ensures long-lasting performance. These bins offer an eco-friendly option in workplaces and industries. Easily customizable with options for print, label holders, and stickers, our bins promote efficient and sustainable waste segregation and recycling practices.

Options available for bins:

  • Print
  • Label holders
  • Stickers/decals
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Water JetBricks

Water JetBricks

Optimized for waterjet cutting, these jet bricks are exceptionally sturdy and available in various sizes.

Options available for WaterJet Bricks:

  • SS Screws
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What Is Corrugated Plastic?

What Is Corrugated Plastic?

Corrugated plastic, also known as polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (HDPE), is a lightweight, durable plastic material. It features a rippled interior and smooth exterior like corrugated cardboard. However, unlike cardboard, corrugated plastic is waterproof, chemical resistant, and able to withstand temperature extremes.

Corrugated Cardboard vs Corrugated Plastic

First of all, corrugated cardboard and plastic differ structurally. Corrugated plastic products have an upper and lower surface supported by fluted ribs allowing them to add structure without weight. While corrugated cardboard and plastic are both used for packaging and storage, plastic offers significant advantages:

Plastic lasts 5-10 times longer than cardboard. It won’t tear, puncture, or warp easily.
Water resistance
Plastic containers keep contents dry. Cardboard soaks through.
Plastic can be used repeatedly. Cardboard typically lasts for one shipment or move.
Plastic is easy to wash and sanitize. Cardboard harbors bacteria and odors.
Plastic withstands rain, snow, and temperature changes. Cardboard breaks down.
Although not biodegradable, plastic can be recycled into new products.

Who Benefits Most from Corrugated Plastic Products?

Corrugated plastic products suit the needs of many businesses and services:


Agriculture & food processing

For harvesting, transporting, and sorting the produce. Waterproof and durable. Easy to clean.

Warehousing & Distribution

For safely storing and moving goods. Withstands stacking and loading. Weather-resistant.

Retail & wholesale

For product packaging, storage, and displays. Affordable, customizable, and reusable. Extends product lifespans.

Recycling & waste management

For collecting and sorting recycled materials. Durable, waterproof, and chemical resistant. Easy to clean.


For medical equipment storage and sterile transport. Waterproof, temperature-resistant, and easy to sanitize.


For cleaning equipment, supplies, and food storage. Waterproof, washable, and helps maintain hygienic standards.


For classroom organization, supplies storage, and activity materials. Kid-friendly, non-toxic, reusable, and affordable.

Catering & events

For equipment, serving ware, and leftover storage. Hygienic, temperature-resistant, and collapses for easy transport.
Still have questions?

Still have questions?


    Do the corrugated plastic boxes from Brandt Box ship assembled or flat?

    Our corrugated plastic boxes, including RELF, RETT, File, and RSC boxes, are shipped flat to save space and reduce shipping costs. They are easy to assemble when needed.

    What materials are used to make Brandt Box's corrugated plastic products?

    Our corrugated plastic products are made from high-quality polypropylene, ensuring durability and strength for various applications.

    Are the corrugated plastic containers from Brandt Box waterproof?

    Yes, our corrugated plastic containers are waterproof, making them ideal for use in environments where they may be exposed to moisture or liquids.

    Can I customize the size and design of corrugated plastic containers?

    Absolutely! Brandt Box offers custom sizes and design options for various corrugated plastic products, including boxes, totes, and trays.

    What colors are available for Brandt Box corrugated plastic products?

    Our products come in a range of colors including natural, black, white, gray, blue, yellow, green, and red.

    Is there a minimum order quantity for purchasing from Brandt Box?

    Brandt Box primarily deals in wholesale and bulk orders. Please contact our sales team for specific information regarding minimum order quantities.

    Do Brandt Box's corrugated plastic products have any eco-friendly benefits?

    Yes, our corrugated plastic products are reusable and long-lasting, which reduces waste and is a more sustainable alternative to single-use packaging.

    How do Waterjet Bricks from Brandt Box enhance the waterjet cutting process?

    Our Waterjet Bricks are made from durable polyethylene and are engineered to provide a smooth, flat surface, ensuring precision and reducing material waste during waterjet cutting.

    What industries can benefit from using Brandt Box's corrugated plastic products?

    Various industries including agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, retail, and more can benefit from our versatile and durable corrugated plastic products.

    What are the delivery options available for Brandt Box products?

    Brandt Box offers multiple delivery options. Please contact our customer service to discuss the best shipping solution for your order.

    Are there any discounts available for bulk purchases from Brandt Box?

    Yes, Brandt Box offers discounts for bulk purchases. Please reach out to our sales team for detailed information on the discounts available for your order.